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Tyler Kennedy
How to Convert a Figma Design to a Website

How to Convert a Figma Design to a Website

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Figma is a free design tool that is great for designing websites. Designers can quickly create wireframes, detailed mockups, or interactive prototypes of websites in a short amount of time.

Why You Should Design Your Website in Figma

Using Figma to design your website before building it allows you to have a clear focus once you start building your site. You can experiment while designing to get a good idea of the look and function you want, and then quickly and easily create the design in code.

With Figma, you can customize the look and feel of your website and make changes to the design as needed. This allows you to explore lots of different design ideas much quicker than working directly with the code.

Thankfully, Figma is also incredibly user-friendly. You can quickly get up to speed and learn how to use Figma to design your next website. Figma even offers tons of free resources to learn how to use the tool.

Figma is also the new tool of choice for web designers. If you outsource the design of your website to a professional designer, you will likely get back the work in Figma.

If you designed your website yourself in Figma or received a Figma file from your designer, now you need to turn it into a website. is a great choice to launch your website.

How to Convert a Figma Design to a Website

Unfortunately, there is no automated way to create a website in from a Figma design.

Don’t be fooled by tools offering to export Figma designs to HTML and CSS code. These tools will work if you intend to code and host your website but they will not work with is a no-code website building tool and does not allow users to import HTML code to create a new website. Instead, your only real options are to manually recreate your website in to match your design, or use another website building platform.

The good news is that is simple and you should have no problem recreating your design from Figma. You can open up your design file and a new website in side-by-side and start recreating your design. In a few hours or less, you should be able to match your design to create your new website.

If you are looking to save some time and want to outsource the work of creating your website in, contact me and I am happy to build it for you.