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Tyler Kennedy
How to Hide Website Chatbot Popups

How to Hide Website Chatbot Popups

/ 2 min read

Popup windows, ads, and cookie banners have been plaguing the internet by annoying website-goers for a long time now. But, a more recent and irritating internet pest has emerged. Chatbot popups.

Chatbot popups are everywhere on the internet. Your favorite (or maybe least favorite) SaaS company probably uses them to manage their customer support. And so do thousands of other companies in a wide range of industries.

You can find chatbot popups on SaaS, e-commerce, retail, utility, and really any other company that would have a customer support division. Point being, you really can’t escape these things.

The Problem with Chatbot Popups

The problem with chatbot popups is that they are only helpful when you need help. But most of the time while you are browsing a website, you don’t need to chat with customer support.

Yet, these websites are determined to show a chatbot window on every page of the website that covers half of the screen.

I got fed up with these chatbots constantly bother me on every website that I visit, so I built something to solve this 🛠

How to Hide Website Support Popups Using a Chrome Extension

How to Hide Website Chatbot Popups

I created a free Chrome Extension to hide chatbot popups on any website. You can install the extension for free from the Chrome Web Store.

After you add Hide Chatbots to your Chrome browser, the extension works automatically in the background to hide chatbot popups from displaying on every website you visit.

When you browse to a website that attempts to display one of these annoying chatbot windows, the popup is hidden before it can load on the screen.

With this extension, browsing the internet is much more enjoyable without chatbots cluttering and covering the content on your screen.

The Hide Chatbots extension is available to install for free from the Chrome Web Store and if you find it useful, leaving a 5 star review would be much awesome ⭐️

Still Seeing Chatbots?

Disclaimer: I built this extension in less than 2 hours. I did my best to block the most popular chatbot providers that are commonly used on many of the websites I visit.

However, I’m sure that this extension does not block every chatbot in existence. If you see a website with a chatbot that this extension does not block, send me a message on my contact page and I’ll update the extension.