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Tyler Kennedy
How to Mute Threads on Twitter

How To Mute and Hide Threads on Twitter

/ 5 min read

Scroll on twitter for more than two seconds and you are bound to run into a long Twitter thread like this:

Threads of tweets are all over Twitter. Your timeline is probably plagued with them too.

And if you are anything like me, you have started getting annoyed with most of these threads with click-bait titles and nonsense disguised as knowledge.

Why Are There So Many Threads on Twitter

The reason threads have become so popular on Twitter is large accounts using them as a growth hack. The Twitter algorithm gives more engagement to threads because they bait people into clicking and opening the threads. This signals to Twitter that people want to see the threads so they are prioritized being shown on the timeline.

Power users figured out this trick and started churning out threads to drive engagement and grow their Twitter following. People have started selling Twitter growth courses telling people how to write threads to get more followers.

And some are writing Twitter threads about writing Twitter threads 🤯

I don’t blame people using threads to grow their Twitter accounts. Because if it works, it works and why wouldn’t you use all of the tools available to grow your business and market yourself. Instead, Twitter needs to nerf threads in their algorithm.

For now, I just want a way to hide these threads from my timeline.

I come to Twitter for easy to consume content in the form of 140 280 characters. I do not want to see long form content in the shape of massive threads of tweets.

How To Mute Twitter Threads 🧵

Twitter gives its users the option to mute tweets from specific accounts or mute tweets that contain specific words. When trying to hide tweet threads, muting accounts is not very helpful.

Muting an account on Twitter will hide all tweets that come from that account. This is no good if you still want to see some tweets from them, just not their threads.

Instead, you want to hide threads by muting tweets from all accounts that use the word ‘thread’. You can mute words from your timeline on both Twitter’s website and their mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

How To Mute Words on Twitter Web or Mobile

The steps for muting words on the Twitter Web client or mobile apps are available on Twitter’s help center website but here is a quick summary:

  1. Go to your account Settings and privacy

  2. Click Privacy and safety

  3. Tap Mute and block

  4. Click Muted words

  5. Tap Add to create a new muted word

  6. Enter the word you want to mute. I suggest using ‘thread’ and ’🧵’

  7. Select to enable muting from the Home timeline

  8. Choose to only mute from people you don’t follow or from everyone

  9. Press Save

That’s all it takes. Now you should stop seeing tweet threads on your timeline! If you’re still seeing threads, you can tweak this list and add more words you want muted.

Pros and Cons of Muting Words on Twitter

A handy feature of muting words or accounts is that they sync across your Twitter account. So tweets and words are muted on any device that you log into with your Twitter account.

There is however a downside of muting words to hide threads on Twitter.

You might not be able to block every single thread. If someone writes a thread of tweets but doesn’t include the word ‘thread’ or one of the other words that you muted, you will still see the thread.

For some people, the good enough solution is fine. But if you cannot stand to see another thread on Twitter, you might need a more robust way of blocking threads.

How To Hide Twitter Threads With a Chrome Extension

How To Hide Twitter Threads

To make sure that you hide every last tweet thread on your timeline, you need something more powerful than muting words on Twitter.

I felt the same way so I created a free Chrome extension to block threads on Twitter called No More Threads.

You can install the No More Threads Chrome Extension for free from the Chrome Web store. No More Threads will hide threads from your Twitter timeline whenever you browse Twitter using Google Chrome.

When you are on Twitter, you will see a switch that allows you to hide threads from your timeline. When the toggle is enabled, threads will be hidden. If you change your mind and want to see tweet threads again, click the toggle to turn it off and threads will reappear on your Twitter timeline.

The No More Threads extension is available to install for free from the Chrome Web Store and if you find it useful leaving a 5 star review would be much appreciated ⭐️.